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Originally Posted by jcieutat View Post
Just called my local dealership parts department and he looked up my vin and said that he does not think that the wiring is there for this to work. Oh well, I guess we can all wait to see how it works out for Tara.

Good news/bad news:

I just hooked up my 4 gauge pack and wiring harness. Everything was there and fit exactly as would be expected with GM parts. The harness wiring all matched up with the harness wiring on the plug in the car; no missing wires. I fired up the car, but the gauges were inert as if no power applied. Since all the wiring is in the car's harness, this leads me to think that something must be reprogrammed in the car's BCM. I think an earlier poster in this thread mentioned that.

I'm now trying to obtain the correct shift plate/panel so that I can hardmount all components, then I'll make an appointment with the dealer to see about reprogramming. I think My Link needs an update anyway.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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