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I used to have a black Trans am, couldn't touch it without scratching it... Now live on a dirt road... So now bought a white+black striped SS, and put the molded mud flaps on... And drive it every day except in snow/salt since water doesn't rot metal, salt does.

I used to not drive it when the dirt was muddy.... Then one day I said hell with it... and of course, as I pull out of the driveway that morning a large commercial truck comes barreling down, hits a HUGE mud hole and I get mud cake all in the grill and hood, w/s, rims, etc. But now I don't care!! And, since I stopped caring, never been mud blasted again!

The mud flaps keep all the mud off the car even driving 20mph down these muddy dirt roads! The white paint doesn't show dirt.... Life is good when ur drivin yer maro and not the beater winter truck.
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