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Originally Posted by NVmyZL1 View Post
you really think it's a good idea to let a 16 year old kid with a fresh license get behind the wheel of a high performance car like the ZL1? If it were my kid, at 16 he'd be lucky to get behind of a high-mileage LT Camaro, let alone a "pristine" ZL1. If we're still around 6years from now, let me know how that turns out!
my kid is really sensible and mature...not like most of the 10 year old snots these dad gave me a 1956 chef pickup hot rodded when i was 16...and a camaro that my mother owned...I babied both of them...and I respected the power they had...if you install these things in your kids and treat them like grownups you'll have an amazing relationship with your kids...My dad is the best and he loved me enough to part with his pride and joy...thats love...not many would do that...most would be on their death bed and sayin', "here's the keys" ( in a dying voice tone)... lol Teach your kids to respect things given to them and they will do the same for their they aren't kids when they are least I wasn't...I appreciated everything they did for me.

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