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Originally Posted by ZL1-V View Post
Your son is 10 right now and at a different stage right now, wait until the hormones really kick in and the testosterone is freely flowing. He will still be your son they always are and we love them but he will want to hang with his friends and not you at that age.
with his ZL1... gotta carry forward the tradition.... who knows he'll probably want a brand new ZL1 by that time and he'll have whatever he wants...I'll make sure of it. my father gave me a 1956 Chevy pickup that he restored... and I want to do something special for my kid...
16 year olds 40 years ago were having babies... I think 16 year old today have more common sense in a way...they grow up quick and are smarter for the most part. I don't want to spoil my kid but he will have a nice car just like I did, something I always dreamed of doing for him... I love my boy more than any car....they are just toys after all.
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