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Originally Posted by ItIsWhatItIs View Post
So I had gloss black stripes painted on my Camaro at the dealership. My question is how do I clean and wax them without causing swirls and scratches. Would appreciate some professional help in this area. They were baked and clearcoated. Thanks in advance!
That was my big question with the paint is swirl marks. Im NO PRO but, After completing my Wash/clay/polish I think I have it down. wash with 2 buckets of water. clean water bucket with soap and the rinse bucket. clean one panel, dunk mit into rinse bucket. Use gentle stokes. What you actually rub the paint with is important. Alot of guys recommend mits (sheepskin or micofiber). More importantly drying.. Make sure you have 100% cotton towles (american made preferably), I couldnt find usa made so I went to Macy's and got their most luxurios towels and they worked well. I used the blot method for drying, simply laid the towel on a wet spot and picked it up. These methods are a pain in the a$$, but if you don't want swirls you have to do it. Heres my work . I'm sure We'll all have a few swirls, but lets reduce them, and keep polish on. Good luck.
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