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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Funny you guys bring this up, Ralph and I were talking about this today (swear to God!) going back and forth in emails.


pic of 2013 or 2014 1LE? I have a feeling it's going to be the new 2014 1LE pic on the shirt. Was thinking of going with the red hood, wheels, side skirts, front splitter.

Also need a good line..."catch"...if you will.

"The return of a Legend"


"Tearing up tracks since 1988"


"A heritage of handling"...

Give me something guys, please! this is being moved forward as we speak. But we need the idea on paper (or on the computer) and we'll push it through asap to get licensed and printed off.

YOU guys have the ability to HELP MAKE this shirt. I'm no good at photoshop, so if something can do ANYTHING, it helps to move this forward.

1LE on front of the shirt.

Pic of the 1LE car on the back...flat black hood, wheels, side skirts, front spoiler, red brembos, black guys know what we are looking for.

Give me an image and we'll GET IT DONE.
Picture of the 2013 1LE for sure!!! Everyone here has a 2013, if it works out you can always make shirts for the 2014 crowd. The only comment I have on the color is please not black , as I really would like a black shirt my car color preference is Orange........ but most of the others are fine. I can send pictures of my car if you would like. I like the phrase

"A heritage of handling"...

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