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Originally Posted by realcanuk View Post
You are right about it staying the same. It is because the scale on the log was too wide to show the move. Here is another 10.60 run scaled a little better. That was with a stock cam. I have not taken my new setup to the track yet but it has been on the dyno twice... 5 or 6 pulls each time and IAT's maxed at appox 125.

This is not a centri / pd debate. I only commented on the high IAT's of the op because I dont see that high and although I have never owned a cenri, I read constant agruements that they are better because of less heat soak. I think his 160 IAT's are too high and there must be a reason behind it. That is all I was trying to point out.
I just installed an ECS kit and many supporting mods. I too am seeing IAT's get to 160 on a back to back run on the street in 70 degree weather. First run I see about 140. My timing at 6200 rpm shift point is 11.5 when IAT hit 160. When IAt is cool, like at top of 2nd gear on first run, timing is 14.5.
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