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One point, timing coming down isn't necessarily killing power. Hotter mix ignites quicker so it needs less timing. Once the air enters the intake and piping, cooling it will not make it denser or give it more oxygen. I don't believe cooling the air (by meth or ???)will give it much benefit, unless you give it more oxygen, by increasing the boost. I'm already at 12 psi on a bone stock engine so I don't want more boost.

I guess my bottom line of thinking is meth or other means of cooling IAT is only worth it if you are willing to cram more air (oxygen) in. Cooling the air just to run more timing isn't going to make much more power, all else the same. It just needs more timing advance to ignite the cooler mix at the right time.

This is one of the reasons I like the Mr Freeze kit. Used it on my last Vortech setup and loved it. You are spraying the water/meth in the air cleaner, before the blower. The air gets cooled as the meth evaporates before and as it hits the impeller (must run a high percentage of meth to avoid any possibility of impeller erosion). Since the air is cooled on the intake side of the supercharger, it is denser air going in, with more oxygen, than if it was hot air. Also, the efficiency of the compressor is much better as the compressor is cooler. Also it is boost proportionate and there is no pump to fail.

I have actually thought about putting a Mr Freeze kit on my car, running 70% meth 30% water, then opening up the restrictor in the supercharger to lean it back out to proper AFR. Not sure how rich it would be up top but I wouldn't think I'd have to add more than a pound of boost to get the AFR back in line, and 1 more psi couldn't hurt, right?!?
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