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I've sat in the CTSV and the GT500 with the Recaro option, and it appears that at least Ford is still using the same seat base as the regular Mustang. The seats have larger side bolsters, but to me aren't much better than the regular Mustang seat. This may be due to safety testing and certification.

Looking at the pics of the 2014 Recaros in the Camaro, the seat base seems different especially with the manual seat adjuster at the front of the seat, and may be a complete Recaro and not just a recovered stock seat. I'm going to wait until I can sit in the car to reserve judgement. I'm hoping they are firmer and don't have the cheap low density foam used in the stock seat and the seat contour is made into the foam instead of angling the metal base to clear the electrical adjustors to get the contour. Without the power adjustments this may be possible.
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