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I don't find the recaro's more comfortable for driving but they do grip you better. they fit me tighter. so under load you stay in the seat a bit better. They look cool. when I ride in my friend 5.0 with recaros I don't find them any more comfortale tha my ZL1 though. with a set of 5 points added though it would hold you in place way better than my stock seats due at high G levels so you can relax more.

I will say though I am not picky about seats like some people are.

the main principle is a seat like that is they are supposed to hold you in the driving position better. They usually fit you tighter though some people like it some people don't.

they are not really desinged for weight savings in the mustang or CTSV. I am not sure if the Z28's are designed for weight savings at all.

you really need to just drive the car with them and see if you think they are good.

to me they are never worth the money to some people they won't own a car without them.
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