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pic of 2013 or 2014 1LE? I have a feeling it's going to be the new 2014 1LE pic on the shirt. Was thinking of going with the red hood, wheels, side skirts, front splitter.


Also need a good line..."catch"...if you will.

YOU guys have the ability to HELP MAKE this shirt. I'm no good at photoshop, so if something can do ANYTHING, it helps to move this forward.

My thought is maybe sponsor a photoshop contest for the 1LE. There's a few photoshop contest sites,, etc. Some very talented people with really cool ideas participate in them for not-very-much money. Can have them include a catch line that goes with their art. Maybe Camaro5 can set some space for it and winner determined by 1LE club? Would need to have submissions agree to legal terms and stuff, but should be very doable. I'd donate some $ to the cause because I'd really like some 1LE stuff.
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