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Finally did my ZL1 bumper conversion.

I've had my ZL1 front bumper for awhile but have not had the time to actually install it. I've help other people do theres but mine kept getting put on the back burner.
I finally pulled the trigger, I took the car back to Fabricante auto body, in Lake Forest. They have built may SEMA cars, do all of Hennessy SoCal's work, and have quickly established themselves as on of the leading Camaro body shops. Christian there painter was one of the original painters on my Monster almost 4 years ago so when it came time to upgrade there was no question in my mind were it was going to get painted. While it was there I had them repair and repaint the right rocker panel and rear bumper cover. After 60k+ road and track miles it was in need of a freshening. Touch-ups were performed as well as the hood grilles being resprayed. The finished product is just absolutely amazing. ABM is not an easy color to match and it is spot on, the black stripes are actually a custom mix metallic black with a hint of blue pearl mixed it, neadless to say they were both 2 colors that were not going to be easy to match. Christian did an awesome job. Robert Dipietrantonio did all the body work and a special thanks goes out to Eric Gates who runs Fabricante A/B for putting up with me and all the assistance he and his family have provided me and my family on all my past projects.
When I picked it up the first place I went was to Chips Away in Orange to have it covered in there new 10 mil thick Clear Bra. Since moving out to AZ last year I noticed the front of the car getting pitted at a much higher rate than when I was living in Cali, I wasn't about to allow the new bumper to get any damage. TJ at Chips away did a great job as he always does and after letting it sit over night I drove it back to AZ. A quick wash and inspection and it just looks amazing.
Thanks again to Fabricante for providing top quality work with some custom touches.
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