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Originally Posted by Ventmaster View Post
NGK Spark Plugs #739-LTR7IX-11
Iridium IX Spark Plug
14mm Thread Size,
25mm (.984") Reach,
5/8" (16mm) Hex Size,
.044" Gap stock Need to Gap @ .031
Heat Range 7 (one step colder)

I've not had the opportunity to personally experience either yet...
so can't offer any other insight.
Dang that is a tight gap!

I've been running the NGK's first at 0.037 then everyone talked about how the gap should be around 0.032. I closed the gap to around 0.034-.035 and at seemed to stumble a little bit at idle I open it up to 0.036 and fixed it but I get a stumble every now and then. I actually just had a misfire on my number 6 cylinder two days ago. From all the messing around I've been doing with my tune I might have fouled up the plugs.

I just ordered new NGK's and will mess around with it this weekend.

I had discussed with Vince if I needed to change around the tune for a smaller gap and he told me to use whatever gap "works." So I'm not sure wtf I need to do, tbh. lol.

I think for the IPF guys it is pretty well understood that 0.032 is the standard.
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