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Squealing Brakes and Uneven Pad Wear

I've dealt with a bad squealing Front Passenger Brake for months, thinking it was the pads (Posi Quiet Ceramic) I upgraded pads (Hawk Ceramic) last week.
When the shop pulled the old pads (only a couple thousand miles on them) they found that the pad wear was very uneven, almost like just a corner was touching the rotor.

We swapped pads anyway, and the brake squeal is continuing, not nearly as bad, but it is still there.

Any suggestions on what I should do? I'm tempted to take it to a dealership, but I don't think the brakes are still under warranty, along with the fact that I have aftermarket pads and rotors.

Note, that both sets of pads are/were ceramic, and the brakes did not squeal with the original (factory) pads, and rotors until the pads were nearly gone.
Roughly 22,000 - 23,000 miles on the car.
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