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Originally Posted by rrpilot View Post
So dealer called me last week and said they got in there first and only 1le and was holding it for me. Told them not to hold it on my part as was black and bigger issue is can't get one now as lost job. But went and test drove it anyways as never driven one. I have only driven 2SS auto at LA auto show which was fun but very short and was around Anaheim CA.

So went to the dealer found my sales guy, super nice guy. He had the car already out and had me get in, he put the key in told me to push in clutch, started up nicely with that great npp exhaust sound. Car had sun roof which for me is a deal breaker as I'm 6 feet 5 inches tall. We sat there talking all about all the features and he went into great detail on the Mylink system which I really do like allot. Thought that was all we were going to do and he said go ahead and drive it out. Put on seat belt took a left and went on a 25 minute drive through the back roads which was pretty curvy with lots of pot holes and rutts. Got to a good long stretch and he said to get on it hard but was a sharp hard left at the end, I wound it up pretty good braked real hard and drove it through the hard left. Took a little getting used to the gear box and stalled it once but was great fun.

The guy that posted a long time ago about not getting 1le as daily driver due to stiff suspension didn't know sh!t, this car is a great daily driver.

Thanks to all those 1LE owners out there for posting all the great info on this car. Now hope to get a good job that can help me afford this car. Looking forward to the 14's as I really do love the new front end and hood, back end doesn't bother me one way or the other.
Hello rrpilot,

Very cool story hear and I am happy your experience at that dealership was so memorable.

Reggie B.
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