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Originally Posted by SM0KE View Post
I didnt know you sold your other car.
It was always 1 of my favs on the site.
I cant wait to see how this 1 turns out
Yeah man. Spur of the moment thing on a rare day off. Lol. Thanks for the compliment.

Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
it's gonna rock brotha ,can't wait to see the mods cominn
I'm excited. Car is at the shop this week getting hood painted!

Originally Posted by Behic2320 View Post
This is gonna be sweet
I'm def gonna try to make it sweet. Lol

Originally Posted by SoCalThug View Post
Did you get sick of white or you just found this for a good deal? Looking good so far, can't wait to see how this turns out!
Def not sick of white it was just a random moment of wanting more powa. Lol. I just new if I was gonna trade it wouldn't be for anything other than a SW or CGM fully loaded with bit of extras. No SWs only a CGM in town that fit that qualification.

Originally Posted by camaro_RS View Post
Congrats on the upgrade, Zombie. I'm sure you'll do an awesome job with this ride just as you did with the SW. Will be watching.
Thanks man. A different color means a different challenge.
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