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Originally Posted by BaylorCamaro View Post
told me to use whatever gap "works." So I'm not sure wtf I need to do
Originally Posted by iceman5730 View Post
both are 1 step cooler than stock and both need a 0.031 gap with their S/C kit. Factory setting .044

on ANY spark plugs if you gap them smaller they will run colder and if they are gapped larger, they will run hotter at the risk of a "spark blow out" <-google , which is basically a spark plug induced misfire

i would recommend running the largest spark plug gap you can without misfiring of any kind, and no larger of a gap than stock

while checking the spark plug gaps and then regapping for uniformity is a good idea (new spark plugs as they come in the box may have varying spark plug gaps), the spark gap should also be adjusted based on the power output of the motor, with induced misfire as the determining factor, and only as the need arises, go to either a smaller spark plug gap or a colder range plug; both of which if taken too far will also cause spark plug fouling

the OEM acdelco spark plugs are rated for 100k+ miles, of all of the plugs listed in this thread, and especially regapped, you're looking at a third or half at best of that lifespan

i would recommend for the LFX motors:

for anything under 300whp, the OEM acdelco plugs with the stock spark plug gap, with replacement at 50k miles or less

for anything between 300-350whp, the OEM acdelco plugs with a 0.040 gap, with replacement at 30k miles or less

for anything between 350-400whp, the OEM acdelco plugs with a 0.037 gap, with replacement at 20k miles or less

for anything between 400-450whp, the OEM acdelco plugs with a 0.033 gap, with replacement at 10k miles or less

and for anything above 500whp, a denso ITV22, at 0.030-0.032 gap, with replacement at 10k miles or less

if you gap your spark plugs too small or use too cold of a heat range on your spark plugs, you WILL lose power at part throttle and in extreme cases, cause idling problems such as stumbling or poor idle quality

smaller spark plug gaps for the sake of smaller spark plug gaps will not improve performance, and will negatively affect combustion efficiency, which you want as efficient as possible, for better power output, less misfiring, better fuel efficiency, and less carbon buildup in places you don't want carbon buildup
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