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Thank guys.

Ok. Just got in from some break in miles with a friend and also NASA spec miata racer. Thoughts in no particular order.

Car feels very solid.
It pulls really hard in 2nd and 3rd gears.
The power is nice and linear, the speed is almost deceiving as it just keeps pulling through the RPMs.
My buddy commented on how crisp the shifts were from the passenger seat.
NPP sounds awesome, but in a parking lot ect I can hear the metal flaps "tinning"
Brakes are solid. I like the pedal feel and feed back.
Steering feedback is nice (so far on the street)
I love the 2013 rimless rearview mirror as it actually makes te windshield seem bigger. (Less in your line of site)
Holy cow these power windows are fast down and these doors are long when opening them
Most importantly: I have yet to have hill assist kick in. I expected it a couple times on actual inclines and I got nothing? So far so good but I am going to try to get it to kick in tomorrow just to see if it is actually there.

Highlights of the first night out.:

A modified G8 wanted to have a go so we both rolled out of a turn around and had at it. By 3rd I was 3-4 cars up. (This was in Mexico) he rolls up at the light and says. "What all do you have done to it" ME " nothing. Bone stock, just picked it up today and I only have 129 miles on it. HIM (with a look like I just took his candy "oh"

2nd. And nice young African American riding in a hooptie with a pick in his hair stops his phone conversation mid sentence at a light and yells at the top of his lungs. THAT IS A BAD B*TCH so I reply with a thank you.

Finally as we were heading in a flock of 3 brand new M plate stingrays is heading northbound on Woodward (we are now back in Michigan) so we follow to get a better look. Exchange friendlies with the driver of the lead car and just take them in. WOW those look hot on the street.

That's about it for the first night out. I am very happy with my purchase!

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