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Originally Posted by GPCS View Post
if you gap your spark plugs too small or use too cold of a heat range on your spark plugs, you WILL lose power at part throttle and in extreme cases, cause idling problems such as stumbling or poor idle quality

smaller spark plug gaps for the sake of smaller spark plug gaps will not improve performance, and will negatively affect combustion efficiency, which you want as efficient as possible, for better power output, less misfiring, better fuel efficiency, and less carbon buildup in places you don't want carbon buildup
Interesting. Admittedly my knowledge on the spark plug and different gaps is minimal. I am currently at a 0.035 gap and my idle seems like it wants to stumble & has poor quality like you have suggested. I also had a random misfire on cylinder #6 the other day when I was leaving idle and had part throttle. What is more interesting is I just spoke with Vince and his suggestion (like IPF) is to gap down to 0.032. I suppose I can test our a larger gap and see if I have spark blow out or not.
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