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Originally Posted by '11 cyber grey vert View Post
The Leafs will always be just mediocre.
There is no need to win the stanley cup.
The Leafs are sold out every game, have a 20 year waiting list for season tickets, have the highest ticket prices in the league and they are the richest team in the league.
There is no other pressure than just to try to make the playoffs.

Until the sheeple, stop buying tickets and leaf souvenirs,nothing will change.

Case in point:does anyone remember the chicago blackhawks several years ago?
They were an awfully bad team...Building was empty (not selling tickets or mechandise).Pressure was on to put a good product on the ice and sell those tickets.
guess what? They have done that.
Leafs are a business. They made 15 million extra, not including food sales and apparel for the first two games they had. It makes ZERO business sense to not want to get the extra revenue. WIth the new ownership of the Leafs being Rogers and Bell there will be a big push to go deep in the playoffs. Sportsnet and TSN and their radio stations will make a ton of money as well as the actual MLSE. This is found money. The players make a pittance(compared to their regular salary) to play and it's a huge cash cow.
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