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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Well you have to be honest about what was really happening to the car industry, as well as most all of not only our society but also Europe and the U.K. as well. A massive all-out assault by socialism on just about all aspects of society; from individual behaviors, family behaviors, education, politics, economics, "environmentalism", etc. combined with a phony "oil crisis" in the early 70's...that pretty much killed the muscle car era. It was no longer "politically correct" and we now had to be "sensitive" to the environment and not waste "precious" mother earth, yada yada.

The collapse of the auto industry was just one of the many "collapse" byproducts of that movement, including families, marriage, work ethic, economics, education standards, etc.. Fortunately the human race was/is stronger than socialism and the desire for freedom combined with creativity and ingenuity is starting to create a revival of many things in lots of areas.

Performance cars is one of those areas that's bringing in a new "good old days". At least for the time being. I'm sure somebody somewhere will happen to drive over a particular kind of bug or something and suddenly there will be a protest about how "greedy" and "wasteful" all that horsepower is and there should be laws to "protect us" from it all. After all, people don't "need" that much horsepower just like they don't "need" 30-round magazines, or big homes, or...or.... well, you know. The only thing "more" and "bigger" they need is government. In the meantime... I love my Camaro.

And now that I've had the gall to tell some truth, let the condemnation and censoring begin!!! Somebody said something that might open people's eyes... OMG HANDLE IT!!! STOP IT!! CHASTISE HIM! He must be banned, censored to set an example so others don't think freedom of speech means actual freedom to speak.

fists pounding on tables, the outrage of it all! Doc may have the soap box anytime you like!
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