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I personally cannot believe the refresh is making it to production. The taillights look awful, IMHO, just awful. They ruin the whole rear end in my opinion. I had two fourth gens, considering buying another muscle car and seriously considering going to Ford, even though I already have HPTuners and know good shops for LS work. I love the new black look to the back of the 5.0's. Ford got the rear right, Chevy missed it big time. I liked the back of the 2010-2013 camaro, I just can't get over the awful look of the 2014. I know this is just my opinion but I think my biggest complaint about the new taillights is that they wrap around to the side. If they stopped on the back, they would probably look 1,000 times better IMHO. They just don't look right wrapping around to the side. It looks weird to me.

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