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I agree with Gretch, that's a lot of shop time for a Kit that takes shade tree mechanics 1-1.5 days to install themselves and like John B by himself in a driveway. The kit only retails for $5,895.00 so that's over $4,000 in labor. Most of the IPF installers out there will install the IPF SC Kit for under $1,000.

PM me for more details and I will help you out!



Originally Posted by Red Chief View Post
I called a local dealership who I know does alot of supercharger installs on v8 engines and asked them about IPF. They hadn't heard of it and the shop guy told me after looking at the IPF website it would run at about $10k for everything.

Apart from the novelty of owning a 400hp v6 I just couldn't see spending that much on it. IF I could budget another 10k I would have bought a SS.
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