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Originally Posted by LC View Post
very curious on the approach of the alu bumpers.. gogogogo!
I think you will really like this mod when we are done!

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Hmm... Nathan you need to invest in a decent postal scale. The one I got was at Harbor Freight and it's $40 which, considering what you're doing, would be a worthwhile purchase.

Jim from Optic Armor emailed me and said the 3/16 front glass and 1/8 rear glass together saves 40 lbs over stock. Taking 1/16 off the rear window can't possibly remove 16 lbs so I'm thinking your scale isn't giving accurate info.

Doc you've been suggesting it for a long time and your absolutely right! I'll get one soon.

Originally Posted by PfadtRacing View Post
Agreed! He is running our Stage 5 stuff....that car is built to RUN
Nothing but the BEST!!!

Originally Posted by The Stig View Post
Man - I can't imagine how well this car is going to handle. Not only because of your stage 5 kit - but all the weight Nathan's removing.
It definitely will be interesting to see.......

Trunk Redo Part 3

Worked on getting the filler panel cut out, shaped and fitted.

Name:  003.jpg
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I am really liking how this is looking. Still need to clean up all the seam sealer.

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Here is the logo we are going to bead roll into the center of the panel. I think it will look killer!

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Stay tuned.......... more to come.
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