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Well today i moved the insulation a bit and it didnt help. I took the Camaro in and had a tech ride with me so i could point out the noise and get my tires rotated. The tech seems to make a good sugestion that the noise is just normal gear whine coming from the transmission sense the noise is only present under load at speed and goes away when i let it coast so that should rule out a bad bearing sense it is not a constant noise. Sense i have a stick shift all the gears in the tranny are metal to metal contact and that can be noisy vs all the clutches involved with auto trans. I also have less than 10k on the clock so things in the tranny are still a bit in the wear in period. So even though my whine is still there i guess theres not much i can do unless it gets worse or breaks but I think the tech could have a valid point it could just be tranny noise.
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