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I had a "ah, ha!" moment after I got home from work where I read this... Pretty much all Centri's I have seen mount the MAF/IAT combo sensor after the intercooler near the TB, correct? Where is the same sensor on most Eldebrock, Maggie, Whilpple, etc installs? It's still on the air intake side before it get's compressed or run through the heat exchanger. True IAT's on one of these would need the sensor buried deep inside the intake manifold. PD's should be seeing similar temps to most car's simply equipped with CAI's.

What does everybody think? Would account for why the PD's are staying consistent during 1 run, but getting hotter after multiples.

By the way I'm very Jealous of BullF-16 and his setup!!! If at all possible I would love to buy your setup! I will be needing to save my pennies first, buy you got what I want!!!
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