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Post Air Intakes, Exhausts, and Warranties?

Hey guys, I'm new here, but I had a few questions about what would be the best choice to add to my car (2011 LT).

After doing some research and watching dozens of videos, I found that the MRT v2.0 mufflers with a reso delete and a Short Ram sounds better, to me, than most other exhaust systems on a v6. I'm looking for a really deep tone that doesn't sound like I have tin cans in my mufflers.

I was looking at an Injen short ram, but also some cold air. I'm lost on what is going to be the best option and where to buy from. I'm not so much focused on HP/TQ gains as much as sound, but I wouldn't mind a some extra horses. I was also curious as to whether or not to invest in headers mainly for hp gain, such as which kinds are the best and provide the best gains short, long, etc.

Also, would a resonator delete and/or an aftermarket intake flush my warranty?

Thanks in advance!

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