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Originally Posted by ChadG View Post
RTC any tips on doing it? I'm going to be cleaning my Vararam filter so I may as well do that while I have it off. What cleaner did you use, just the generic stuff?

See posts below........

Originally Posted by MINI HLK View Post
CRC MAF Cleaner in a gray can. It can be found at Walmart automotive or any automotive store.

Yep that is the stuff I use too........

Originally Posted by Can't_C_Me View Post
I keep a can in the trunk just in case. It says to spray like 10-15 time but I think that's to much. I only hit it like 6 times from about 1/2 ft. That's all its quick drying and just don't touch the hot wire. Oh and wear some gloves also and eye protect just in case.

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All great advice...........

Originally Posted by kjkjr27 View Post
Like how the can says "Proven to gain 4-10 hp at the wheels" too bad that is prob what the car lost over time from a dirty MAF...

Not sure I can say you would even feel that change, but sure is nice knowing it should run better.........
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