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Originally Posted by Grape Ape View Post
I still say that if it was half as awesome as STS says then at least one manufacturer would use rear mounted turbos. But as far as I know, they all tuck them in really close to the exhaust.

That does sound like a good location. It would probably get less splash than under hood or rear mounts and you could probably still run a CAI up to the grill for clean, dry air. But, I think you might have to fabricate a new lump in the floor to get enough clearance.

If I was installing a rear mounted turbo I would want to fab up a finned stainless (or aluminum) pipe to bring the compressed air back to the intake and do some charge cooling without adding any extra lag like a separate intercooler would. But the last time I looked at STS's website they seemed to be using a plastic pipe...
Yeah, that was the plan. I think it should be possible - if this car is anything like my 86 was, there will be plenty of gap between the center console and the floor.
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