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Originally Posted by FenwickHockey65 View Post
Oh I agree, I think there are limits to lifts too. I'd be fine doing a very slight lift just to get a little more ground clearance when offroading but wheel and tire size would probably stay pretty close to stock.

Sport trucks are cool but I just don't see a point in them I guess. I'd rather get a sports car and leave my truck for work purposes. I guess it just boils down to what I've always used my truck for.
For me I guess the appeal is that it kind of emvompasses the best compromise of 2 worlds. These trucks could handle very well (thankss to the fact that the manufacturers really dug into the suspensions), power matching the ponycars of their time, and they could still haul and tow like trucks. Also, when they were at their most popular the availability of true RWD sporty cars were at a premium. Also, done right, they look pretty mean
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