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Originally Posted by thespymaster View Post
Thats why I wrote, going with DR's...............

When Firebird re-opens (rumor on the street) it's just a short drive from the house vs having to trailer it, etc..

I never had this much HP before, and I used to run my last 650 HP Camaro all the time on street tires/wheels (22's) and often got 2nd place, the old "run what your brought mentality"
Gotcha. No doubt it would be easier to just get in the car and go race but Id be nervous about breaking. You already have the truck I'm assuming you have to have a car trailer so if the track is that close you'd could easily go get it.

Our tracks are far so that option isn't really a possibility.

I'd still look into a 17" though. Better performance than the 18. Plus a wider selection of drag radials.
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