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Originally Posted by dan0617 View Post
All my logging has been on the street immediately after driving around. I drive down the highway 2 miles, quickly slow down to about 15 mph, then roll it to the floor and hold it there till about 125 mph.

I also am running 12psi with only 1 Vortech race bypass. I ordered another one and a flange today. Ted suggested running 2 of them over 8 psi. Might help some with the heat soak from high IAT decel. Ill also try a run starting without a drive around and hard decel first.

I don't think want meth as I already spray a 100 shot wet. That cools the IAT I'm sure, but I want them to be pretty low off the spray.

My little 55 dry shot had absolutely no effect on cooling the intake temps. Now, I'm not sure where my log reading is being taken from. I spray post maf so if the maf is giving the reading its obviously not picking up the nitrous.
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