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Originally Posted by timtim13 View Post
What size TSWs you got? I was thinking og getting the same rims.

9.0 in front and 10.5 in back?
I have 20's. 9" up front and 10" in the rear. I am running a +35 offset for the front and rear. Some are running a +20 offset up front which will cause the wheels to stick out just a little bit more than mine... both look good. As for 10.5" in the rear... DON'T DO IT. I have had these wheels for about 3 years and had to be a guinea pig when it came to finding the right size. 10.5" will stick out past your fender because it is the wrong offset for our cars. I know because I originally bought them. If you want to go wider I would recommend a different wheel. What size tire do you plan on running?
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