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Originally Posted by dan0617 View Post
Ooh I'm not saying you are making anything up. By saying hard to believe I mean it seems either some sensor or something isn't reading right, or IAT's on top mounts aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be.

One other thing with my IAT's is that I haven't made it to a track yet, so all my readings are on a wot pass immediately after decelerating on the street. The more reading I do I'm finding that decelerating seriously increases IAT's and heat soak.

Not sure yet if the OP and I need to change anything yet, or not.
For the purpose of discussion, let's say the iat sensor isn't reading right BUT what about the other data? The spark advance is steady as a rock at 17.5 degrees advance throughout the run except obviously at the shift points and with ZERO KR. This was May 5th when the outside air was 83* and was fueled with 93 octane E90, no meth, no nitrous, no chiller. My knock sensors are not desensitized either.
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