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Originally Posted by ZL1-V View Post
I have to highly disagree with the side bolstering statement! I don't know how many seats you have sat in or driven a car with them at high speeds around a turn. In MY ZL1 it requires you to use your legs to support against the G forces present in a turn due to the fact there is no side bolstering! If you don't believe me ride as a passenger or ask your passenger after you have executed a high G corner. Please correct if I am assuming it wrong but it appears that YOU personally don't like "restrictive seats"? The microfiber (suede) helps center you but is not the same as side bolstering. I think it has to do with body sizes. Slim guys don't usually complain as they have no body size to contend with and sit "in the seat rather than "on" the seat as larger framed guys often do. I am not referring to fat and skinny I am speaking strictly thin drivers versus thick drivers.
Srt8 with 643rwhp running at VIR hitting 150+ mph, 6'....215lbs... Could never get my lats back into the narrow recaros. Sadly can't take the Z to VIR without a roll cage so that ain't gonna happen. Looking to dump the convertible at the end of the summer and switch to a coupe.

Seatbelt locks help too.

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