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Bumblebee, please PM your name and address and we will refund you.

For the rest, no can on the market performs as well as the RX can with its 4 chambers and 3 steps of separating and trapping the oil. Test after test and the challenge still stands. Take any of the so-so cans and install a clear glass fuel filter between the can you choose and the IM and see how quick it saturates with oil. If that is good enough for protecting your investment, then by all means go for it.

I endorse the Elite can as it works great and no wait...and this benefits me zero to steer sales away for those not wanting to wait. We work 12-14 hour days 7 days a week (I was here 7:30 AM to 10:45 PM wed trying to catchup). We have hired and fired 3 different assemblers and painter in the past 3 months as quality and work ethics seem pretty dang rare.

We can only make app 100 a week and orders run 100-300 a week and that is with truning away nearly every new dealer inquiry the past 8-10 months. Without pore production equipment, we cant make more and still put out the best functioning can on the market.

If you email: you will get a estimated ship date and where you are on the list, and same if you call: 941-721-1826, but you will most likely have to leave a voice mail as the lines are busy solid (call tx speed and see how busy they are).

If you have to have a good can now, order the Elite over any other (all are tested and dissected and the results posted in many threads just as everything I have posted here is).

All messages are returned as quick as possible, and same with all emails and we get hundreds a day to return calls/messages.

Anyone wanting to buy the company and ramp up to meet demand, let me know. I am to old to work this hard and all we can do is all we can do.

So, the website should state the waiting time estimate and until we can tool up again (the 4th time we have expanded and retooled and moved to bigger facilities to try and meet demand and it keeps growing).

We can only make 100 a week, and if an employee screws up pint, etc. on a batch and we catch it we have to redo them all and slows it down even more. We also are the only one to color match anyones choice and each is made to order....not mass produced in 2-3 colors.

So all I can say is the wait is long, but it is worth it if you want the best protection available. If not, go with one that lets 20-30-40% of the oil to pass right through if your investment is not worth the wait for the best.
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