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Originally Posted by S3XPanther View Post
Congrats on the car, Matt!

In reference to HSA, I asked in the "HSA Disable Method?" thread whether or not those that are having issues with the system are simply accustomed to a different driving style, where they bring the clutch up to the bite point before giving gas as apposed to doing simultaneously. Keep us posted, but I feel this is the issue. On other cars, a similar HSA system will not disengage until it detects the driver has applied the accelerator.
Thank you!

That may be a good point. I have always used the approach (and taught) that both feet should be moving simultaneously. If the clutch is being depressed the gas should be lifted. If the gas is being depressed the clutch should be coming up and visa versa.

An now that I think about it more and more the moments that I expected it to come on and it didn't I went straight from brake to gas as I started to release the clutch. If your theory is correct that would explain why I have only seen it once in 400 miles when it was parked on a hill

It is 61 degrees here and the tires do not even like this temp much. The car was dancing in 1st gear and even rolling into it hard in second. What a great car!

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