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Originally Posted by dan0617 View Post
Your findings are what I usually hear and see on top mount setups. If you were to pulley it for 12 psi id bet you would see 160 degrees too.
Actually, the truck setup is running at 12psi. 3.1" blower pulley on an LS2. It has a multi function gauge that I always have reading IAT's. I've never seen it that high. It probably holds 3 gallons of h/e fluid along with two h/e's though. I have seen the vette's temps that high, but they were probably 120 at the start of a quarter mile run due to waiting in line 20 minutes, idling, before the run. Maybe I need to get the wife to push my car to the line so I can have the motor off with the hood up......hmmmm, think I'll ask her next time at the track. I wonder how that's going to play
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