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Originally Posted by dan0617 View Post
Timing depends on IAT in my tune. On a 65 degree day, I see IAT at the top of 2nd gear at 114 degrees and timing at 14.5 degrees. By the top of 3rd I see IAT at 159 degrees and timing at 11.5 degrees.

I am surprised to see timing pull that much with that temp but I guess that is what is safe. I'm also surprised to see IAT's climb that much, but is still better than the top mounts I've seen. This is with a Vortech Si trim ECS kit, 12 lbs of boost on a stock cammed L99.

What is everyone else seeing for IAT's after a 1/8th or 1/4 mile pull in 60 or 70 degree weather??
show us a pic of your engine bay, where is your filter located at? please dont tell me above the drivers side manifolds? I call it the VERY hot air intake (HAI)

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