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Originally Posted by ZLFUN View Post
Not sure an engine can really determine RWHP...

that is really transmission and drive train losses I would think. Don't know how the 3.73 rear end in the ZL1 would compare to the lower gears in the Z/28 for losses, but I can't imagine 480 RWHP on a 505 BHP rated engine. I could be wrong.

Anyway, good point on the ratios... lb/hp works better outside a spread sheet to be sure
580hp/4120 lb = 0.1408 or 7.1 lb/hp ZL1

505hp/3800 lb = .1329 or 7.52 lb/hp Z28

3590 lbs z/28 505hp/3590 lb=0.1407 or 7.1 lb/hp

Z06 Vette 505hp/3175 lbs= .1591 or 6.3 lb/hp Z06

ducati Panigale w/termis: 203hp/407lb = .4988 or 2.0 lb/hp !!! (Get's worse with my fat backside strapped to it (about 3 lb/hp but still...

Not quite sure what you mean by, "Not sure an engine can really determine RWHP..."
To get to any of your equations your using the car, hence the lbs. Therefore to be closer to "actual" results it would be RWHP which includes the car not just the engine.

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