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IAT sensor is in MAF, and MAF is after blower and intercooler. Anything I can do to get cooler air into the blower will not affect the tune, as the MAF will just see lower IAT's and adjust timing accordingly. Shouldn't need a tune change at all.

Jannetty can sell me the Vortech intake tube and his large filter. I'm just trying to figure out if it will help much or not before I purchase it now. By searching alot say yes, and alot say no. Ugh.

I think I'll give it a try. I also removed some of my plastic inner fender so when I do this, the filter will be exposed to alot of fresh air. Might get more dust from the tire, but I'll clean the filter plenty often. I'll post up the IAT difference when I get it installed and datalogged. With the filter mounted on the blower intake, IAT's pretty much hit 160 at the top of 3rd on a 2nd and 3rd gear pull. They don't go over 160 though even if I stay in it. This should be a nice before and after test in real world street driving.
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