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Originally Posted by GRAHL View Post
No sir. The Z/28 will still get through the corners significantly faster because of the lighter weight and lower center of gravity. and with the low end torque of the big cube 427 it will exit the corners faster as well. coming out of the corner it'll be a bit before the ZL1 will get up to speed and start making up ground on the straightaway.
I do not think that the LS7 produces as much low end torque, the LS7 doesn't exceed 400ft-lbs of torque until after 2,000rpms. By that point the LSA in the Camaro is making over 450ft-lbs of torque, so really the ZL1 Camaro will come out of the corner faster in theory.

Here is the thing, the Z/28 was stated to be slightly heavier then the V-6 Camaro, it was also stated as having a better power to weight ratio then the ZL1 Camaro. The ZL1 Camaro at 4,100 pounds and 580BHP has a power to weight ratio 7.1 pounds per horsepower (rounded up otherwise its 7.06). The only way that the Z/28 Camaro only has 500BHP is if it weighs 3,500 pounds (which it doesn't). So with the information of a better power to weight ratio and at 3,780 pounds the Z/28 Camaro is making at the crank at least 540BHP.
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