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Well this week I hit 1500 miles. She is broken in, officially.

Today I dropped ALL the oil (Engine, Trans, Diff) and replaced them with my brand of choice, Valvoline all synthetic, with a Purolator PureOne oil filter. The next oil change will probably get one of the new Purolator synthetic filters.

The engine got SynPower in 5W30, the trans Tremec 6060 got Valvoline Max Life Dex/Merc ATF (synthetic) and the Diff got SynPower 75W-90 for limited slip.

I did about a 10 mile shakedown and it seems to be running a touch cooler and it might be my imagination but it seems "smoother".

A few things all of the oils looked like hell and were full of metal shavings. I cut open the oil filter (forgot to take pics) looked pretty clean all things considered. The Black Hole magnets I added did have some shavings on them.

I added dimple plugs to EVERYTHING also I added the "new" Super Black Hole oil filter magnets.

As an FYI the plugs are the following...

Engine Drain plug (1e) - M12 x 1.75 x 21
Transmission plugs (2e) - 1/2" NPT
Differential plugs (2e) - M20 x 1.5 x 14

There were questions about the trans and diff plugs but I got the measurements from my parts guy at Stingray Chevy and then talked with the Richard at Dimple and this is what we came up with. I need to call him and verify that it all worked out so he can update his site.

Also if you are thinking the diff comes with magnetic plugs there is no comparison between the factory plug and the Dimple version. To make a gun analogy the factory magnet is akin to a 22LR and the Dimple is akin to a 45ACP. Seriously there is NO COMPARISON.

Also I can confirm there are no other magnets on a 2013.

As for the Trans oil. I'm still old school and need to finish wrapping my head around using ATF in a manual transmission instead of Gear oil. I talked to Valvoline and this is what they recommended. I then had to get over that it is there "High mileage" stuff. So I did some more calling and talked to Tremec and they recommended Mobil One synthetic ATF. Well I like Valvoline for over 20 years now so I needed to know what they had that was the same. Without saying anything about my application the tech recommended the Max Life ATF. Then I told them again what I was putting it in they said that the Max Life was the way to go.

Right now everything seems good and I will give a report later on if there are any developments.

I know it's hard to get excited about changing oil... lol

Oh it does seem slower now though I think all the magnets are trying to attach to the earths core on the bright side my ride height seems to have gone down an inch so I don't need drop springs any more.

I'm kidding about that last paragraph btw... lol
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