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Originally Posted by htron50 View Post
Don't be facetious.. speakers dont weigh 300 lbs. Not any I have ever seen LOL. But all of the creature comforts removed do. I didn't say "speakers" .... I said "all of the creature comforts".... AC, Electric seats, sound deadener, Elec Windows, heavier rear glass and so on......

I'll give you a second chance to understand. Wouldn't you like to know what a ZL1 would do if it simply had the tires and brakes of the Z/28? Give the ZL1 just a couple of the Z/28 upgrades, without changing any of the other issues. Then we see what happens on a "test lap".... not an endurance race. I'd like to know if those famously quoted "3 seconds" would mean as much if you just made those two changes (tires/brakes). Hell, for a couple "test laps", I'd be curious with just the tire change! After all, those brakes are fairly pricey.
First no need to be condescending ("I'll give you a second chance to understand.")
The point is its apples and oranges. The cars are built for different purchasers for different missions. And yes the ZL1 would perform better with upgrades, but any car can perform better with the right upgrades.
And the Z/28 has AC, electric windows...I don't think the heavier rear window is a creature comfort. Also, the 300+ lbs includes the SC which I wouldn't call a CC.
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