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Oracle headlights Dual Red/White


Looking to sell and trade my oracle equipped headlights dual color Red/White. RS package only!! 2011 camaro

Professionally installed and sealed by Oracle certified installer in NJ. Will either include 4 channel remote control not the new one sorry no remote for it but can be bought from Oracle. Will also include a switch which can be installed in the cabin of the car so no remote needed. You can pick anyone and ill send you it.

So if you are interested i would need you to make yourself available for trade. I will ship mine next day air and you will need to either install and ship it back same day, or we can ship at the same time i can go without a car for one day but no longer so if you cannot meet the deadline please don't respond.

Looking to get $150 shipped yes you can get a new one for $199 but this is installed and has extras, it will also cover shipping.

I am selling this Mod because I am going back to stock because I am selling the car.

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