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Gosh we hit a nerve with a young guy having to explain he pays for everything himself, what a surprise. Look, let it go a little, the statement with the pic is with jest a little. Sorry you don't get that. After all, I said it looks good, and frankly I don't believe I would have put it here if it were a trashy car or a bad pic so there you go.

You like your car the way you've got it and that's what matters so enjoy it and don't worry what about other people say.

And I'll give everyone a hint for my future posts, they always have humor in them, it's just the way my brain works. When I was 19, my mom's house was burning down, literally, all of our possessions going up. I turned to my brother and said "anybody have any marshmellows." Humor gets me through life.

And no one from the ZL1 side say "well this is under a ZL1 forum." I invited everyone
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