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It's really a societal problem at the core. We enjoyed so many years of prosperity that we decided our shit doesn't stink.

We tell our kids they can do anything they want, we give trophies for participation, we use 'AP' courses to inflate GPAs, we curve grades so C students are now A students.... We celebrate mediocrity at every turn. As a result, everyone thinks they're too good for most jobs. Everyone wants to be CEO. In Asia, India, they celebrate the exceptional students and are realistic with the rest. As a result, they are staring us down in the rear view in education and are consistently the best students in our universities.

I'm all for encouraging children, but we have to stop telling everyone they can be an astronaut or whatever. It just holds back the gifted students because instructors always have to teach to the lowest student in the class. As such, you have the people who want to learn being bored to death and everyone graduates with a watered down education. I'm so disenchanted by the whole college experience. Maybe if I could have afforded a private school things would be different. But I just couldn't believe the people who were in the class and the questions they would ask. They should be raking leaves somewhere. Sorry if it's harsh, but I feel I just pissed away $30k for nothing.

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