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Originally Posted by OldJedi View Post
Just clarify, the picture with the dyno printout shows the change of going to a Roto-Fab intake? Just a 4 HP increase, is that correct?
No no no,

It's all with Rotofab, I didn't do a base line stock. The increase in HP is your guess. The decrease in torque from first to second pull is heat, according to the guys there. And the pulls were like seconds apart from each other. They figured that the Rotofab without a tune was good for about a 15 hp increase, but that is solely a guess, I think others have seen better, and we don't really know what my car would have read on that dyno in stock form.

Further, they had my AC on and probably the traction control, I don't know what if any negative impact those may have had. It was fun, but it sure would have felt a little better if that puppy had read 525 or 530. I'll say this, I am an inexperienced drag racer. I've run my car maybe 14 times down an 1/8th mile. The week after I put the Rotofab on I saw my new best time of 8.41, and I think my previous best was 8.54. So was it the intake or me improving or a little of both, who knows? But I'm satisfied with it so far. And when I do some more work on the car I'll tune it and see even better results
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