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Originally Posted by Tara Martin View Post
Yes, it disengaged immediately. I didn't notice if the DIC still displayed that HSA was engaged or not, but as soon as I clicked up on the E brake, it physically released and I was able to move away.

On a similar note, I like to middle finger salute my DIC when it wants me to skip shift to 4th; I usually throw in a raspberry for good effect, too. (Skip shift eliminator engaged!) I wish it was so easy for HSA, too...

Still a bit in the dark having not ever experienced the HSA, nor the skip shift in these new Camaros, but I have to assume the skip shift functions much differently to the system found in the gen 4 WS-6 we just sold. I can remember very few times it ever came on, and that it was no big deal to overcome. When I felt it kick in, I simply went to fourth, and without taking my foot off the clutch, went to second or third (usually third) and took my foot off the clutch. In the case of the Pontiac, it would only engage with very mild take offs, and never engaged if you really got on it in first, so not a big deal. Interested to try it on the new car....hint hint GM.....send me our car!
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