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Sorry to bump an old thread as my first post, but I am eligible for a program where I can purchase a GM vehicle for 2% over "dealer cost".

Dealer cost is defined as the dealer's cost of the base model vehicle, plus options and dealer marketing charges as shown on the invoice. This calculation excludes provincial and federal taxes, air tax and license fees, along with destination freight charges. Supplier employees can receive additional savings for factory orders.
I am trying to determine before I go in, if the term "dealer cost" may have too much wiggle room in it based on the "plus options and marketing charges" part in the above statement. Is "plus options" at the MSRP of those options or at the dealer cost?

In a perfect world, I would assume this to be true cost - basically what the dealer actually pays GM before icnentives.

I know its never safe to assume anything, but using the example invoice in this thread, would I expect this to be:
a) the amount listed in the MEMO line that states the total less holdback and finance credit ($35179.05)
b) the amount listed as Total ($36826.20)
c) the Total minus holdback ($35710.80)
d) something entirely different?

Thanks for any insight!
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